Top Reasons to Choose Dr. Vira

A 360 Evaluation

How to Choose a Spine Surgeon

Choosing the right spine surgeon is a major decision for you and your family. To help make the best decision, we recommend using these four steps to evaluate each surgeon you’re considering.

1. Skill

  • Dr. Vira has spent 11 years post-college training to become a spine surgeon and has learned from some of the best surgeons in the country including being selected for and undergoing the rigorous combined neurological and orthopaedic spine surgery fellowship program at the Cleveland Clinic.
  • Spine surgery is the sole focus of Dr. Vira’s practice, and he specializes in three column osteotomies and other complex procedures that only a handful of surgeons in the DFW area perform.

2. Research

  • With over 400 peer-reviewed papers, conference presentations, and book chapters, Dr. Vira is one of the most widely published spine surgeon in the DFW area. 
  • Reflecting Dr. Vira’s expertise in adult spinal deformity and complex cervical surgery, he is the lead surgeon investigator in a number of research projects at the UT Southwestern Medical Center.

3. Teaching

  • A true marker of a great surgeon is having the privilege to teach the next generation of surgeons.
  • Dr. Vira is one of the few surgeons in Texas to hold dual appointments in both Neurosurgery and Orthopaedic Surgery departments. He trains future spine surgeons from both fields at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

4. Integrity

Choosing a spine surgeon isn’t just about skills and research work. Does the surgeon care about his patients? The following provides a good insight into Dr. Vira’s character:
  • Dr. Vira recognizes the incredible trust that a patient and his or her family places when they choose a spine surgeon. In respect of this trust, Dr. Vira focuses his efforts in continued process improvements that improve the safety of spine procedures.
  • Dr. Vira contributes to the global spine community by volunteering at medical camps in developing countries. By helping those without available medical care, Dr. Vira does his part to advance the mission of providing healthcare for all.

Regardless of which surgeon you choose, Dr. Vira and his team at UT Southwestern Medical Center hope that you have a safe and successful outcome to your spine surgery!