Endoscopic Surgery

Ultra-minimally invasive spine technique for quicker recovery 

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Innovating in endoscopic spine techniques

A small camera and special surgical light are used to view through the tube. Using a small working portal, Dr. Vira accesses the spine to directly address the source of the pinched nerve. The nerve is separated from the damaged disc or arthritic joint. He removes the disc fragment that is pinching on the nerve and cleans the area. 

Less trauma to the muscles and soft tissues with led blood loss can yield a faster recovery. Depending on your condition, you may be a candidate for either transforaminal or interlaminar technique. These procedures can also help preserve mobility and in some cases can help avoid a fusion. 

A true Advance in Spine Care

Case Study

68 year old male with history of L3-4 central disk herniation presenting with severe pain down his legs. Tried multiple injections, medications, and physical therapy which didn’t work. Subsequently the patient traveled to Frisco to seek surgical consultation. Dr. Vira performed endoscopic L3-4 discectomy with immediate improvement of pain. Patient is back to activities at two weeks and his scar is shown…it’s just a tiny scratch!

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Find out if you are a candidate

Dr. Vira aims to be a resource for you in the state of Texas to provide cutting-edge and evidence based spine care. Not all conditions are amenable to endoscopic techniques. 
With precise indication, proper diagnosis, and refined technique, Dr. Vira will select the most appropriate strategy for you.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Whether it’s a question about a procedure on whether you need a second opinion, Dr. Vira’s team targets your particular problem in the most evidence-based and efficacious manner possible.