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We provide a complete assessment of your patient’s spinal condition with a multidisciplinary approach

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Dr. Vira aims to be a resource for you in the Frisco community to provide cutting-edge and evidence based spine care for your patient. Below are some of challenging areas in medicine and spine that we can be particularly helpful.

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In a city with many options for your patient’s spine care, it is important to select a surgeon who has the correct indications. Dr. Vira’s philosophy is to do the least invasive surgery to address your patient’s specific problem. In some cases, the traditional surgical answer is a very large surgery. However, the patient may not tolerate or survive such an operation. In these cases, we think outside the box and develop a targeted surgical plan that addresses the specific pathology with minimally invasive techniques. As someone who is equally comfortable doing both large and small surgeries, Dr. Vira can tailor a surgical plan that accounts for the patient’s comorbidities and overall health status. Indeed, our research and surgical technique innovations enable us to provide the safest and most evidence based spine surgical care in the community.  

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Whether it’s a question on whether your patient needs surgery or needs a comprehensive surgical plan, Dr. Vira’s team works with your team to optimize your patient’s care