Robotic Spine Surgery

Precision in instrumentation

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Innovating in Robotic spine techniques

Using computer and laser guided navigation technology, surgeons can place screws in a more precise manner than ever before. Robotic guided screw placement can reduce the risk of complications that are associated with traditional non-navigated surgery. Moreover, a robotic arm is guided by preoperative patient-specific plan that Dr. Vira designs for your unique spine. 

Indeed, Dr. Vira has extensive experience with robots, dating back to when he designed a robot for a science fair project in elementary school. With respect to surgical training specifically, he has been involved in several research studies evaluating the efficacy and accuracy of robotic guided instrumentation and has lectured nationally on this topic.  

Find out if you are a candidate

Dr. Vira aims to be a resource for you in the state of Texas to provide cutting-edge and evidence based spine care. Not all conditions are amenable to robotic techniques. With precise indication, proper diagnosis, and refined technique, Dr. Vira will select the most appropriate strategy for you.

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Whether it’s a question about a procedure on whether you need a second opinion, Dr. Vira’s team targets your particular problem in the most evidence-based and efficacious manner possible.